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Considering Your Abortion Options: Questions And Answers

If you have decided to abort a pregnancy and are unfamiliar with the process, you may have some questions as you consider your visit to an abortion clinic in New York. Here is a list of frequently asked questions you may find helpful. Question: After I have had unprotected sex, how so
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Abortion Clinics, Be Informed To Make Your Decision

For many when they hear the word abortion they have several different feelings, but for most people they have a definite opinion. For many people who have that opinion have not faced the dilemma of being pregnant and having to make a decision of what to do with a baby. It’s even
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Surgical Abortions – What Will Happen?

When a woman or teenager is contemplating having an abortion, she may wonder what the procedure will be like and what she may expect to have happen. If you are pregnant and want to know more about the options available to you, here’s a thumbnail sketch about the subject. It is i
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Signs Of How To Tell If You Are Pregnant

In your lifetime as a woman you will most likely get pregnant. What a wonderful gift it is to be pregnant and be able to give birth to something that you made. Getting pregnant is wonderful and finding out if your pregnant is exciting! Finding out if you are pregnant can sometimes be
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