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Essure – safe, effective, permanent birth control

Designed for women who are reluctant to take on the hormone-based birth control offered by pills, patches, rings and some IUDs, Essure is a simple, safe, surgery-free procedure that delivers permanent birth control that does not interfere with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Performed by an Essure-certified doctor at Professional Gynecological Services in Brooklyn, NY, this gentle, pain-free procedure works with the body to form a natural barrier to conception. Your doctor inserts soft, flexible micro inserts into the fallopian tubes. Over the course of several months, a natural barrier forms around the inserts preventing any sperm from reaching an egg in the fallopian tubes. It also prevents any eggs from traveling down the tubes into the uterus making implantation of a fertilized egg all but impossible.

Because the insertion is performed through the body’s natural pathways – the vagina and the cervix – there is no incision. The procedure takes less than ten minutes. Most patients can go about their regular activities that same day.

The Essure Confirmation Test
A test is performed by a radiologist after three months to confirm the procedure was a success. A special dye that is visible on X-rays is injected into the uterus allowing the doctor to confirm that the fallopian tubes are completely blocked and pregnancy is not possible.

Safety and Track Record
The Essure procedure has been used effectively for more than five years with hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients. The micro inserts are made of materials that have been used safely in medical devices for years.

While no method of birth control should be considered 100% effective, the Essure procedure has been proven 99.74% effective. A number than makes it the most effective method of permanent birth control.

The procedure is covered by most insurance plans and as a result, if it is performed in a doctor’s office, may cost as little as a single co-payment.

Side effects from the procedure itself are usually mild, but may include mild to moderate cramping, nausea/vomiting, dizziness or light-headedness and bleeding or spotting. Not all women achieve successful placement of both inserts.

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