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The Myths And Facts Of STDs

Preventing an STD

Unfortunately, many people, teenagers in particular, never fully realize the risks involved with having unprotected sex and do not take measures to protect themselves. For example, an adolescent female is especially susceptible to certain diseases due to the fact that their cervix isn’t yet fully developed, leaving the immature cells prone to becoming infected.

The 4 Most Common Myths About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

1. Myth: You can’t get an STD if you have oral sex.

Fact: This myth is one that’s most often believed by misguided teenagers and often results in contracting an STD. The three ways that STD are spread are through vaginal and anal sex, as well as through oral sex.

2. Myth: Taking The Pill will protect you from some STD.

Fact: This particular myth is perhaps one of the most dangerous of all, and more than likely the reason for many new cases of STD every day. While taking the birth control pill may help to drastically reduce the chances of pregnancy, it does not protect against any type of sexually transmitted disease whatsoever.

3. Myth: You can only get herpes when your partner has a visible outbreak.

Fact: The fact is, the virus that causes genital herpes is actually transmissible for several days before any visible signs of an outbreak even appear. Also, while condoms do provide some protection from some other sexually transmitted diseases, the areas where herpes blisters are usually present aren’t protected or covered by a condom.

4. Myth: I have no signs of an STD, so I must not have one.

Fact: If you are having unprotected sex, there’s always the possibility of contracting an STD. Some people, especially many women, do not show any signs of a sexually transmitted disease, or mistake them for some other condition, delaying diagnosis and treatment.

10 Quick Facts of STD

– An estimated 65 million people are currently living with an STD in the US alone.

– There are roughly 15 million new cases of STD each and every year.

– One out of every four new cases of an STD occurs in a teenager.

– One out of every four Americans is infected with genital herpes.

– 80% of all people with genital herpes are unaware that they are even infected.

– Over the course of their lifetime, one out of every four Americans will contract an STD.

– Up to 15% of female infertility and 12% of male infertility cases are caused by an STD that was left untreated.

– Some STD in women may cause cervical cancer.

– A woman may pass an STD on to her unborn child during the delivery, or shortly after giving birth.

– It is possible to become infected with more than one sexually transmitted disease at a time.

The facts of STD are undeniable so always use caution. Although condoms offer some protection from STD, abstinence, or a completely monogamous relationship between two people who are not infected are the best ways of protecting yourself from contracting a sexually transmitted disease.