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Your First Pelvic Examination | OB/GYN Services

Your First Pelvic Examination | OB/GYN Services

It is normal to be afraid and unsure about something that you have never done before. It is also normal to feel embarrassed. But don’t worry. Your doctor understands how you feel and will make everything easier during the examination. The first pelvic examination will be over in about 5 minutes. It is a simple and non – painful examination procedure.


Your First Gynecologic Visit (Especially for Teens)

Pelvic Exam is an examination performed by a Gynecologist. It is an examination form that helps your doctor examine the female organs and check if any possible gynecological problems are present.

First pelvic examination is performed in females for various reasons. Usually the first pelvic examination is recommended until the age of 20, or sooner if any gynecological sign or symptom appear. Some of the reasons that require pelvic examination include:

  • No menstrual periods by the age of 15
  • Missed periods, especially when you are sexually active
  • Vaginal bleeding which lasts more than 10 days
  • Unexplained pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic area
  • Vaginal discharge that is accompanied by other signs and symptoms like burn, bad smell, itching
  • Menstrual cramps ( dysmenorrhea) , etc.

Age doesn’t matter for the first pelvic examination if you are sexually active.


Are Pelvic Exams Performed in Virgin Females?

First pelvic examination doesn’t change anything, just like tampons. Pelvic exams are performed in virgin females if any gynecological problem appears.

Keep in mind to not have sexual intercourse, use vaginal creams or douche for 24 hours before the pelvic exam.


What Happens When You Get a Pelvic Exam?

During the first pelvic examination you will be naked. Your doctor will ask you to lie down on the examination bed, open and lift your legs into stirrups. There are 3 parts to a pelvic exam. Sometimes not all the parts are necessary.

  • The external examination – is the first part in which your doctor will look the area around your vagina, like the clitoris, labia major and labia minor, vaginal opening and the anus.
  • The speculum examination – is the second part of the pelvic examination which follows the external examination of the genital area. The speculum is an instrument that is gently inserted into your vagina in order to spread the walls of the vagina apart. This procedure will help your doctor have a better look inside of the vaginal canal and even visualize the cervix uteri (opening of the uterus). Pap – tests are routinely performed during the pelvic exams. Pap tests are able to discover early changes of the cervix before they become cancerous. Most young females have normal Pap tests.
  • Bimanual examination is the last part of pelvic exam. It consists of checking the female organs like the uterus, the ovaries and the tubes with the help of both hands. Two fingers of one hand are inserted inside of the vagina, while the other hand is used to gently put pressure in the lower part of the abdomen.


Pap Smear and Other Gynecology Test

When the first pelvic examination is over, your doctor will tell you if the exam resulted normal. He/She will also tell you if anything came up and if further tests and examinations are necessary. The Pap test results are usually available after a few weeks.