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General strives to ensure that its services are accessible to people with disabilities. has invested a significant amount of resources to help ensure that its website is made easier to use and more accessible for people with disabilities, with the strong belief that every person has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort and independence.

If you have trouble seeing our website, we recommend reviewing the resources listed below to help optimize your computer and browser to improve your online experience:

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Patient’s Success Stories

Very professional and patient

My experience is always great, staff is very professional and patient. My top front desk person is Erica G who’s always pleasant professional and willing to help. Amy is my go to gynecologist very patient and professional. The place is always clean and the staff is awesome.

Kwana G.

Very helpful

I actually enjoyed it there. They are very helpful and friendly. fFont desk has great energy with welcoming personalities they make you comfortable. I will definitely be going back when needed.

Beauty T.

Received a warm welcome

I personally never had a bad experience here. The staff to me are nice. They show they care. I have been places where staff members are rude and cold. I have always received a warm welcome here over the past seven years.

amanda I.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning (CC) provides a visual display of text that is synchronized with the video presentation and audio tracks. The term “Closed” indicates that the captions are not visible unless they are activated by the user.
Learn how to turn captioning on and off for YouTube by clicking here.

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To increase text size in most web browsers simply hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on a Macintosh) and press the + (plus) key to increase text size or – (minus) key to reduce text size.


BrowseAloud is browser plug-in for people who find it difficult to read online. By reading text aloud and highlighting the words as they are spoken, BrowseAloud can help people with learning disabilities, English as a second language, and mild visual impairments:

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If you wish to report an accessibility issue, have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at (718) 875-4848.

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Labiaplasty (also labioplasty) is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora and the labia majora, the paired tissue structures bounding the vestibule of the vulva. This is typically done to correct a deformity or for cosmetic reasons.

Pelvic floor reconstructive surgery is one of the women’s health services  consists of several procedures for correcting a condition called “pelvic organ prolapse.” We’ve done numerous and we can assist with yours

A hymenotomy, or removal of the hymen, can be necessary for many reasons, but most commonly due to malformation of the hymen. Some women have this surgery to increase comfort during intercourse, while others need it for health reasons.

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